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Best S&P 500 ETFs for Canadian Investors in 2021…

Top S&P 500 Exchange Traded Funds for Canadian Investors

Want to invest in the US S&P 500 as a Canadian Investor? Then watch this guide video where we review 4 of the best Canadian Dollars ETFs that allow you to invest in the S&P 500 U.S ETF for Canadians with a minimal cost. These ETFs have returned an impressive 100% return over the span of 5 years ago, which means given their High Return Investing options, Canadian investors could have doubled your money if you had invested $10,000 in either of these ETFs passively without having to worry about stock picking.

In this video, I’ll review and compare top 4 ETFs in Canadian Dollars to own in order to invest in the US S&P 500 Index (Standard and Poor’s Index) by reviewing their costs, risk levels, past returns, distribution yields and some other key metrics. We’ll also discuss how a Canadian-hedged ETF returns can differ from a non-hedged ETF and why. All of the 4 ETFs we will discuss (namely ZSP, VFV, VSP, and XSP) are traded in Canadian Dollars through Toronto Stock Exchange and track to the extent possible, the performance of the S&P 500 Index, net of expenses. 

Canadian Investors can easily buy these best S&P 500 ETFs at no trading cost or commission through Wealthsimple Trade, Questrade or other common brokerage accounts.

Best S&P 500 ETFs for Canadian Investors